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The Puffer's Past

The Puffer’s Past

As with most styles in fashion, the puffer jacket has ebbed and flowed through the years.  But where did this scaled-down, wearable  variation of a down comforter actually originate? 

It seems the puffer was produced out of practicality.  After almost losing his life to hypothermia while on a winter fishing trip in 1936, Eddie Bauer created a cold weather garment to better protect the wearer from the outdoor elements.  He stuffed down feathers into quilted fabric to design the first “down jacket” which was patented in 1940.  

Since then the puffer has been redesigned and has repeatedly rejoined the fashion field’s “must-have’s” list.  Whether in a primary pop of color or a metallic mix of metals, this versatile outerwear staple can be worn long or short, casual or formal and luckily, can be purchased at any price point imaginable.



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