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Rainy Day Wear

Rainy Day Wear

Belated as it may sound, I’ve recently learned how to use Polyvore for collaging photos to create magazine-style outfits layouts.  At first I felt as though I was a little girl again.  How much fun is it to sit and assemble tons of different looks with a plethora of varied themes?!?

Similar to Facebook and Instagram, I realized if I wasn’t carefully monitoring my time, I could be lost for hours literally making “pretty pictures.”  I decided that I would try and create an outfit a day depicting different scenarios based on weather, holidays, occasions, etc. and send out via social media for anyone interested.  

Of course by now, the sun is shining brightly, but when this new thought began, it was down pouring tremendously!

Here’s a look that is fashionable yet functional meant to be worn on a rainy day.  Just wait, I’m sure there’ll be more of those soon ; )


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