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LOUNGE: \ ‘lounj \

LOUNGE: \ ‘lounj \

The word “lounge” can take on many different meanings.
It can be used to describe those smoke filled bars from the ’70’s ladened with polyester clad fellas and overly dressed women. Or it could refer to a resting area within a public restroom or private room of an airport.
Or yet again, to those teak recliners found on an outside patioToday the word “lounge” has taken on a cozier connotation. It describes those wonderfully comfortable clothes you enjoy wearing after a nice, hot shower or while curled up with a good book. It demands soft fabrics and a relaxing fit – nothing to bind or irritate – just pure comfort. In the past, you can find styles¬†from Victoria’s Secrets to Old Navy; from Eileen Fischer to Freya.

Now there’s a newcomer to this serene scene…Lemon Loungewear.
Lemon Legwear, known for the softest socks and mukluk slippers, has ventured into loungewear. Using the finest fabrics such as cashmere blends and brushed cotton modal, this new collection is as cozy as the first. And as their website states, “finished by hand, each piece is one of a kind, making it perfectly imperfect and individual… Just like you.”



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