Trish McQuillen - Wardrobe Consultant



When I left for college many years ago, I packed things like cassettes, posters, pictures… and to my mom’s dismay, my favorite pair of tattered jeans. These classic boot cut Levi’s were perfectly worn and torn from constant wear and tear over the last few years of high school.

Each time I ventured home for break, mom would secretly patch the strategically placed holes in my pants. When I returned to school, the patches would be discarded….until the next holiday trip home.

And so the mother / daughter – Patch On/Patch Off game continued throughout my entire college career until it finally ended in a tie as my jeans totally disintegrated from the repeated repairs.

Today, distressed or destroyed denim is more popular than ever crossing genders and ages alike. Whether skinny, relaxed, washed or white, these jeans are the a great gift to give…just not to your mom.



*Mens’ Levi’s 511 Slim Ripped Jean – Macy’s Stamford

* Women’s AG Distressed Ankle Legging – Havana, Stamford

*Girls’ Super Skinny Jeans – Abercrombie Kids


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