Trish McQuillen - Wardrobe Consultant

Hot & Humid

Hot & Humid


The physics behind keeping cool in the summer has always been conflicting when it comes to colors.   I’ve read quite a few scientific explanations that share relevant information from thermal radiation to UV rays to wind speed and heat absorption, but each attests the opposite color keeps us feeling more refreshed.

I do know one thing…today I wore lightweight whites from head to toe and felt incredibly comfortable.  And it’s so easy to look pulled-together when dressing monochromatically.  Try white cropped slim fit pants with a full and flirty sleeveless tank.  Or go for a fresher look with a cropped, looser style bottom with a slightly tailored, yet feminine blouse.  But donning a light, white dress might be the simplest solution to actually looking and feeling cool when the temperatures rise.



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