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April Showers… | Style Design, Inc.
Trish McQuillen - Wardrobe Consultant

April Showers…

April Showers…

Bring May Showers?!?

According to Accu`weather, the self-proclaimed gospel of the weather, states the average rainfall total for April in our area is 4.8″.  

The actual was  a bit over 6″.  Now, I don’t mind a rainy day on occasion, as these wet cycles have made for lush lawns and brighter leaf buds.  
However, outfit selection for these dreary days has become more
challenging when trying to keep feet dry and shoes unscathed.  

Luckily, shoe designers have heard the plea for more pleasantly
appealing galoshes.  Offering a vast assortment of boots for suits, jeans,
and even dresses, these new designs can be the perfect finishing touch
for the toughest of travels.

Pop on a pair and keep waiting for those May flowers…


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