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50 Days of Gray

50 Days of Gray


Ever since we got back from our sunny, warm getaway about 6 days ago, it’s been cloudy, cold and gray.  Excited about the clocks moving forward and the calendar showing spring has sprung, the Accuweather forecast hasn’t been adjusting as eagerly.

I decided to put away the sleeveless tops and sporty slides and replace them with Wellies and waterproof outerwear to properly acclimate to the heightened precipitation. I, of course, own a simple navy, hooded rain jacket, but was thrilled to find these more exciting styles to brighten up even the dreariest of days.


Joules Haven Striped Waterproof Jacket

H&M Pink Rain Jacket

PETITE Ivy Rain Mac

Akris Punto Striped Reversible Jacket

Zara Hooded Yellow Slicker


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