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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning


It begins with the black birds returning with song. Soon after, crocuses anxiously pop through the dirt in the hopes of feeling the warm sun. And finally the clocks spring ahead to mark the new season which arrives in less than 2 weeks.
Perhaps there’s something in the Spring air that creates a desire to refresh and renew everything from our garden beds to our bedroom linens.

And our closets.

Here in the north, we love (and hate!) the semi-annual ritual of converting our collection of clothes and shoes to match the seasonal changes
This year I decided to begin the process sooner as the temperatures rose well before the calendar declared. I realized, as I perused through my pieces, that I needed to purge unwanted, ill-fitting, outdated items and replace with a few new fashionable finds for 2016.

The undertaking can be daunting, but the results are rewarding.

Here’s a 20% off code for assistance with your own spring cleaning process…but I definitely don’t do garden beds!

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